Being part of radiant parenting has taught me three things: 1. That parenting is not a routine but a purposeful activity. 2.That the parenting style I choose can have either a positive or negative impact on my child. 3.That every child is unique and should be treated as such. I recommend radiant parenting to all who have children at heart.

Rita Owusu

In fact it has helped me in many ways, settling arguments in my house is no more because of what I have been taught at Radiant parenting One significant thing is that at first when my kids do something wrong and I tell them I will punish them I wasn't executing it and they will laugh over it and say "mama Rita she will forget very soon, " I was trying not to be hash on them but I learned that anytime they do something wrong and I mention that I will punish them I have to do it. And infact I started it and is helping me alot. Thank you so much myself and my entire family are very grateful God bless you Long lived Radiant parenting

Rita Damptey Creative Manager

Radiant Parenting has broadened my scope as a single about parenting. Initially I didn't see parenting as demanding as I do now.

Alfred Agbesi
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